Practice Areas


The attorneys of Reese Kintz provide lead trial strategy in cases where the outcome is crucial to the continued financial viability of our clients’ businesses. We have substantial experience representing clients in federal and state courts, arbitrations and in other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate

Whether you are making plans for how your assets will be divided at your death or you have been given the responsibility of carrying out the wishes of a friend or family member after their death, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. You want an attorney with extensive experience helping others successfully plan for the distribution of their own estates or settle the estate of a loved one through the probate courts.  The attorneys of Reese Kintz Brohawn represent a wide variety of individual clients in providing counsel on personal and estate planning matters, including wealth preservation, probate and taxation issues.  In addition, we advise families with developmentally challenged members on the benefits of creating Supplemental needs Trusts (SNT), commonly known as Special Needs Trusts.  We regularly advise corporate fiduciaries regarding estate and trust administration matters.  Our attorneys also have significant experience in the planning and implementation of complex estate and business succession matters. We represent fiduciaries with respect to probate matters, including guardianship and estate administration.

Labor Law

At Reese Kintz, we know that your labor union has a variety of needs.  Our attorneys have the skills and experience to protect union worker rights and strengthen your union position with management, whether it be through negotiating strength at the bargaining table or effective advocacy in front of an arbitration panel.  We have experience handling grievances and negotiations and are familiar with public and private employment issues.  We regularly handle hearings in front of administrative agencies such as NERC and the NLRB.

Our firm counsels unions with regard to strategy in collective bargaining negotiations, strategic relationships with key stake holders, and obtaining a favorable environment for beneficial outcomes.  We believe that, in tight economic times, a successful strategy for a union requires winning over key stakeholders with economic analysis and with strategic alliances.  Our law firm provides a nuanced, multifaceted approach that generates results for the successful labor union of today.

Employment Law

The lawyers at Reese Kintz, LLC understand that your business must function within a unique set of policies, procedures, industry norms and specialized regulatory parameters.  We know that employment law advice is as unique as you are.  As a result, we do not take a "one size fits all" approach.  We have made it our business to understand your business.

We represent public and private sectors employers in a broad array of litigation matters. We have extensive experience before state and federal courts, as well administrative agencies, such as the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board. We regularly represent employers in the defense of wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, non-compete, defamation, and related labor and employment claims.

Our expertise includes business and commercial disputes, product liability, professional liability, and consumer litigation.  We defend all types of employment matters, as well as virtually every other type of proceeding or litigation.

Family Law

The attorneys of Reese Kintz understand that there are few things more personal, emotional and complicated than legal issues relating to family matters.  For decades, our attorneys have been helping clients to reach the best possible solution to their most difficult family-based legal problems.  We have the expertise to assist you with your family legal problems from start to finish, whether you need our help navigating the divorce process, negotiating property and financial matters, finding the best child custody arrangements for your family or modifying or enforcing prior court orders or agreements.

Business Law

At Reese Kintz we pride ourselves on providing paramount legal services in all business law matters.  We handle all of the necessary filings to tailor your company to the needs of your industry and manage a wide variety of  corporate legal issues that you may not have anticipated. Not only do we create a strong foundation for your business to build upon, we provide an ongoing legal model to ensure that your company continues to thrive.